Unconventional Classes

Alternative Styles

For those who want to go off the beaten path, these character classes are unique, and may not fit with a lot of campaigns, and so should require heavy roleplay from the player, and of course, approval from the GM. So here, we present 9 classes in addition to the 16 listed on the core page. Bringing the total base classes to 25. Take that Diablo!


Fighter: Forsaker
Immune to Death Effects
Aura: 1 minor but constant harmful aura out to 30 ft. learn 1 aura/tier
Syphon Smite: Add Cha Mod to dmg for one full round attack, heal your HP by 1 per landed smite.
Mysteries: Special spell school that doesn’t recieve double penalty from armor.

Caster: Blighter:
Twisted Enjoyment: Killing with shadow grants you spin against your next attacker & your next target. Cannot stack.
Syphon Spells: All damaging spells that target sentient living humanoids heal the caster of 1 hp. (crit = 1hp/dice)
Tainted Aura: Your aura is easier to sense (by 3) but weaker casters who sense you must save VS fear.


Fighter: Binder:
-3 HP, +2 MP
Replace +3 proficiencies with special proficiency: Bound weapons (weapons manifested by your current totem/pact)
Replace all class given armor proficiencies & attack bonuses with:
Superior Vessel: +1 Natural Armor, +1 DR, +1 SR.
Totemic Boosts: (T) Move action to invoke: Gain minor stat/skill boosts based on your current “totem”, totems amplified by tier. Gain spells/perks by totem. Only 1 totem/pact at a time.
The Pact: Mental save/round when using a totem equal to your tier. Failure allows the bound spirit a measure of control. 3 failures without releasing = takeover battle. Nat 1 on save = two losses. Nat 20 = total success for 1 minute/ accumulated Mental saves x your Tier and +1 on all subsequent saves until dismissed. Some pacts have special rules.

Ranger: SoulBlade:
Gain Skill: Hypnosis/Autohypnosis. Cha based.
Manifest Soul Blade. Soul Blade can take the shape of any mundane sword. It is made of hard light, and can be fired as a ranged attack at 30 ft increments. Choose if it is a light or Heavy blade. You may create a custom combat skill for it.
Replace Skirmish with: Shatter Soul Blade: (T) 10ft radius attack at full bonus vs. all in range.

Caster Psion:

Sense Scrying: You always get a roll when you are being magically observed/tracked.
Astral Projection: (T) leave body to survey area, feign death, send messages far away, or manipulate dreams, but body is left behind and vulnerable.

Alternative Role:


HP + 2, MP + 2, Light Armor.
Pep Talk: Leaders always assist for +1 above standard assist, and can assist multiple allies at once.
Maestro: (T) you and one other ally/tier may make a combat maneuver in tandem, each ally gains a +1/ally coming along.
Marshall: Medium Armor & +1 Proficiency
Paint the Target: (T) after hitting area with AoE, any allies who attack targets hit by AoE deal +1 damage/attack until your next turn.

Martial: Knight:
Loyal Beyond Death: When an attack/event/spell would kill you or make you unconcious, you may take one final action so long as that action wouldn’t prevent your fate.
Heavy Armor.
Command: Free action, (T) give extra actions to allies.
Knight’s Challenge: as Fighter’s “All Eyes on Me”

Primal: War Chief
Powerful shouts offer fleeting bonuses or penalties allies or foes.
Choose 1 shout/tier. shouts are a move action.
Call of Truth: (T) next shout will dissolve any unwanted charms or illusions affecting your allies in addition to its normal effect

Divine: Priest:
Spells at 2/point.
Cleanse: (T) Remove any negative magical effect. move action. 30ft range.
Soothing Presence: Allow all allies in 10 ft to ignore pain/hinderance from any 1 condition.
Choose one:
Bolster Holy: FRA to bolster entire party’s holy effects for that combat by +1/tier.
Exorcise: (T) Banish Demon with opposed Wisdom save, even if you fail deal 1d6/tier + CHA damage.

Arcane: Beguiler:
Fortified Awareness: +2 vs illusions.
Effortless Charade: Minor glamours/illusions/charms require no mana burn to maintain.
Prismatic Aura: Allies in 10 feet use your saves vs illusion/charm.
Placebo Effect: (T) illusal attacks/buffs work at 1/2 effect of real equivalent.
Baleful Command: (T) Opposed Will to command enemy to do something… drastic.

Unconventional Classes

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