At character creation, characters get 3 perks, and humans gain a fourth.

After that, perks are gained at a rate of 1 per week or “level”.

Even though some perks are better suited (or sometimes only available to) certain character types, there are still limitless options, as a handy guide (and exercise in futility) here’s a quick (and by no means complete) run down of the possibilities broken down in types:


Movement Perks:

> Run: x5 movement on full run instead of x 4
> Fleet of Foot: + 5 movement (can be taken up to 2 times)
> Free Run: No checks for all but the most difficult athletics. Does not allow for charging.
> Wall Run: as long as you begin and end on solid ground you may move normally on walls
> Woodland Stride: Ignore all hindering terrain (allows charging).
> Trackless Step: (requires primal) Cannot be tracked physically.
> Climb speed: = base move -10
> Swim speed: see above
> Fly Speed: See above. requires means to fly (wings, glider, etc)

Skill Enhancers:
> Animal companion: Gain Animal Companion.
> Improve Animal Companion: boost your animal companion.
> Disguise: can attempt a disguise without penalty
> Read Lips: follow a conversation out of earshot
> Quick Recon: + 1 Init, + 1 Alert.
> Lowlight Vision
> Speak to Animals: get basic ideas, animal check for specefics.
> Totemic Bond: gain minor aspects of one animal.
> Totemic Rage: Barbarian only. totem increases with rage.
> Tumble: Athletics check as AC when passing threatened area, but lose 10 ft of movement.
> Improvise Tools: No Burglary penalty for improvised tools
> Slow Hand: failed burgles never break tools
> Steady Hand: failed burgles never damage lock.
> Master’s Hands: Never critically fail burglaries on locks, can create key after success.
> Steal: add maneuver to take an object undetected during combat. some limits.
> Tweak Lock: (T) on successful burglary check Tag to ensure the old key no longer opens lock.
> Hard Headed: + 2 social “AC”
> Walk it Off: (T) ignore a minor condition for 1 combat
> Keep Cool: No penalty for most checks in combat.
> Hold Spell: Hold a spell just before completion, 1 MB/round held.
> Ignore Pain: (T) ignore a moderate condition for a few moments.
> Meditate: (T) restore 1d6/tier MP.
> Hide Mind: limited non-detection
> Sound Sleeper: No penalty for sleeping in armor
> Big Boned: + 1 might & defense against physical conditions.
> Imp. Second Wind: + 1d6 / tier + Con Mod
> Die Hard: Auto Stabilize
> Conditioning: Immune to physical exhaustion.
> Watch the Eyes: + 2 to empathy vs blatant lies.
> Poker Face: Opponents take – 2 on all empathy checks against you.
> Contact High: Gain 1/2 of nearby morale bonus, even if you shouldn’t.
> Bend Truth: + 2 to deceit thanks to clever loopholes
> Flex Truth: Cleverly worded lie appear truthful even against Detect Lies
> Innuendo: read between the lines, and convey more than you’re saying.
> Web of Lies: Successive successful deceits give bonus to the next (up to Int Mod)
> Famous: Common folk never clam up on you over questions/social
> Underworld Knack: + 1 on social when dealing with lowlifes.
> Infamous: Your reputation carries weight with criminals, most take – 1 when dealing with you.
> Espionage: When you gain info, you can plant false info much more convincingly.
> Analyze: + 3 to spotting forgeries.
> Sense Magic: a weaker, mundane detect magic. uses Intuition.
> Sense (Monster): + 2 Intuition to detect chosen types of monster (choose 1/Wis mod)
> Sense Imprint: Intuition check to detect psychic imprint on objects/places
> Blind Fight: Reduce miss chance in melee for blindness/extreme darkness etc from 75% to 50%
> Blind Sense: reduce to 25% and works out to 30 ft for medium creatures.
> Echolocation: (must be blind) You suffer no miss chance for concealment/invisibilty/lighting/visibility conditions. think Daredevil.
> Lingual Theory: get by fairly well with a similar language in a pinch
> Sense Patterns: + 2 to decode/ translate
> Mimic Accent/ Dialect: never get caught sounding foreign again! also can pinpoint others.
> Cunning Linguist: + 1 on social checks due to all them big fancy words and double entendres.
> Recall Weakness: successful lore check on magical beastie lends + 1 attack for you and allies.
> Eye for Detail: + 2 Identify
> Believer: + 2 intuition
> Edritch Magic: (requires 10 lore, wizard) unlock the powerful spell school.
> Ritual Studies: + 1 to identify/create/destroy a ritual
> Craft (Special Material): Use powerful materials for crafting.
> Disenchant: Remove enchantment from item, failed craft destroys item, successful craft saves item and part of enchantment. critical failure loses item and enchantment.
> Potent Concoction: alchemical creations have + 2 to their potency.
> Artificer: (T) craft a magic item.
> Collector: + 1 to appraise and haggle
> Recharge: Recharge a magic item that uses charges.
> Focused Craft: + 2 to a subcategory of crafting
> Throw Anything: No improvised weapon penalty when throwing weird stuff.
> Actor: Use perform in place of Social while in character
> Singer/Musician: Perform to maintain a spell for an Ally
> Dancer: Perform in place of some athletics.
> Orator: Inspire morale bonuses
> Magician: Perform with proper items to appear to cast spells.
> Ladykiller/Maneater: + 2 vs opposite sex.
> Mysterious: + 1 to all social attacks
> Showman: bonus to social based on audience (1 for handful, 2 for roomful, 3 for masses)
> Animal Magnetism: Opposite sex takes a penalty against you.
> Great Smile: All NPC’s start more friendly.
> Fatherfigure/motherly: + 1 when dealing with younger people.
> Subtle Rhythms: successful rapport boosts sleight of hand/steal
> Ride Anything: No penalty for unusual mounts
> Agile Rider: + 2 ride during difficult maneuvers
> Imp. Agile Rider: Mounts receive + 5 on athletics to jump obstacles
> Never Unseated: damage or failed ride checks never unseat you (unless you want them to)
> Student: Double bous for using fully stocked library
> Skeptic: + 1 vs magic
> Focused Study: + 2 on subject of choosing.
> Recall Verbatum: (T) remember even lengthy passages/conversations/patterns/maps
> Scribe: Copy spells/rituals from books/scrolls.
> Forger: create convincing forgeries.
> Blend: Stealth + Cha to blend with crowd.
> Mobile Stealth: No movement penalty when stealthing.
> Sneak Attack: Ignore DR when making a single attack from stealth.
> Know What to Look For: + 2 to spot stealthed figures.
> Throw Voice: successful perform to create a classic distraction
> Mimic Animal: Sound just like a beast
> Resist Element: lesser penalty for extreme heat or cold
> Resist poison/venom: + 2 vs natural toxins.
> Wand Master: successful Use Magic Device doesn’t burn a charge
> Staff Master: Staff gains 1 bonus effect in your hands. choose once for each staff.
> Imp. Staff Master: (T) to double staff effects for 1 spell.
> Athame Master: Your Athame acts as material component for many spells.
> Imp. Athame Master: Constant effect on Athame so long as you wield it (+1 fire dmg, etc)
> Additional Ring: take up to 3 times (effect doubled for Wizard)
> Disrupt Device: prevent another form using a device effectively.
> Familiar: Gain Familiar
> Improved Familiar: familiar gains new powers & survivability
> Strengthen Bond: improve interaction with familiar

Combat Perks

Defensive Perks:

> Strong: + 2 STR misc.
> Fast: + 2 DEX misc.
> Tough: + 2 CON misc.
> Smart: +2 INT misc.
> Wise: +2 WIS misc.
> Charming: +2 CHA misc.
> Fit: +1 to all 3 physical Misc.
> Worldly: +1 to all 3 mental misc.
> Kip Up: get up from prone with a free action, do not provoke Attack of Opportunity.
> Dodge: Up to +3 AC boose (-1 in med. armor, -2 in hvy. armor)
> Mobility: +4 AC vs AoO when moving into/out of threatened area
> Eyes in Back of Head / Uncanny Dodge: Can’t be flanked
> Improved Uncanny Dodge: Can’t be caught flat footed
> Thick hide: raise DR by 1 (must already have DR not from items/armor)
> Cascade: raise SR by 1 (must already have DR not from items/armor)
> Resist Poison/Fire/Acid, etc. Resist a type of damage by +1 save or +1 DR.
> Shield Mastery: +1 AC from equipped shield
> Ray Instincts: +2 dodge vs magical rays.
> Combat Expertise: Add +2 AC at penalty of -4 to any and all attacks, and can’t use any AoO.
> Swashbuckler edge: can take 1 AoO when using this ability, must be Swashbuckler
> Parry: (T) Opposed Attack to negate enemy attack
> Reposte: Beat Opposed attack by more than 6 to get your own attack.
> Block: (T) roll shield skill, set that as new AC till your next round, but can’t take AoOpp.
> Imp. Block: as above, but allow AoOpp
> Greater Block: As above, but full actions.
> Deflect: Keep shield AC vs rays
> Shield Fighter: Forgo 1/2 shield AC to count shield as light weapon for dual wielding.
> Imp. Shield Fighter: No longer 1/2 AC
> Shield Master: 1/2 shield AC as DR (max 3)

Offensive Perks:

> Overpower: Max Damage vs a shield or bubble spell requires target to save to maintain.
> Mighty Blows: (T) on max damage attack, Tag to knockback.
> Ranged Pin: Might with a bow and Dex instead of Str. beat them by 5 or more to pin to wall etc.
> Feint: Standard action to roll Deceit to gain combat advantage next round.
> Imp. Feint: As above, but as a move action so attack can be made that round.
> Eagle Eyed: increase weapon/ability range by 10 ft (20 if normally over 100) no go for magic.
> Improved Initiative: +3 to initiative
> Weapon Focus: +1 with specific weapon
> Improved Critical: +1 threat range
> Weapon Finesse: + 1 additional increase to threat range, but only on light weapons
> Power Attack: Subtract from attack to add 2x penalty as bonus damage (not to exeed 1/2 skill)
> Cleave: FRA Make 1 attack at each enemy in reach at best attack.
> Greater Cleave: Dropping an enemy adds 1 bonus attack at a -2.
> Brutal Charge: add + 1d6 on single attack of charge.
> Continuous Charge: Make attacks along the way to your final target, must be in straight line, can’t exceed normal movement on charge.
> Improved Maneuvers: Don’t provoke AoO for using might vs armed opponents
> Improved Unarmed Attack: Don’t provoke AoO for unarmed vs armed enemies, & Unarmed crits = lethal damage.
> Improved (Maneuver): Select Maneuver, gain +2 on that maneuver.
> Quick Draw: Draw weapons/quickslots as swift action
> Imp. Quickdraw: as above, but immediate action on weapon
> Shield Bash: Add +1 damage/dice to shields.
> Imp. Shield Bash: Shield crits down opponent.
> Versatile Grip: Polearms can be switched between melee/reach as free action 1/round.
> Versatile Assault: Polearm can be switched freely during a FRA
> Pushback: Glancing blows and crits with spears at melee usually push foes back 5 feet.
> Shave Damage: glancing blows still deal full damage.
> Critical Finish: If you Nat 20 when you have combat advantage the blow is death. CON or die.

Style Perks:
2 weapon fighting:
> Dual Wield: Allows use of a medium weapon in main hand while dual wielding without usual -2 penalty. (if both light gain extra attack at no penalty as part of full round action)
> Two Weapon Defense: Off hand weapon acts as buckler (1 AC), with 1/2 its enhancement (rounded down) added as bonus AC.
> Rend: (T) When using Light weapons (or med with Dual Wield 2), you may attack with both on a charge. If both deal damage, cause a bleed = tier/round.
> Reverse Grip: hold off hand underhanded to get constant -1 on attack with off hand, for constant + 2 damage.
> Underhanded defense: Ban Block with off-hand. "Critical Blocks (using normal threat range) allow for instant AoOpp.
> Dual Wield 2: gain extra attack even on medium weapons, and reduce penalty for heavy from -5 to -2.
> Dual Wield 3 (Monkey Grip): No attack penalty for dual wielding heavy weapons. Still no bonus attack on FRA.

> Shield Fighter: No attack penalty for attacking with a shield, and No AC penalty after you attack with a shield.
> Shield Bash: Add 1d6 to charge damage when you lead with shield & increase its threat range by 1.
> Bashing Assault: Free Main weapon attack after a successful shield bash.
> Shield Bash 2: Free Combat Maneuver after successful shield bash, add charge bonus and shield enhancement.
> Shield Mastery: Shields now allow 1/2 AC as DR unless flat footed or flanked or combat disadvantage.
> Shield Throw: Throw shield as if it were weapon of relevant size with a range of 20 feet. You may reduce damage by 1/dice to have shield return on successful hit.
> Shield Deflect: Successful Blocks allow you to deflect your attackers momentum in one of 2 ways: an attack on his ally (dealing half normal damage) or unavoidable 5 foot movement/your tier that you direct as you choose.

> Parry: As Block, but with a weapon in lieu of a shield.
> Flick of the Wrist: Successful Parries automatically disarm.
> Reposte: Successful Parries allow for immediate retalitory AoOpp.
> Free Lesson: If have both FotW and Reposte, you may disarm AND attack.
> Lunge: May “charge” as a move action with a 5 foot step. Gain only a +1 on this charge. No AC penalty.
> Quick Lunge:: 5 foot “charge” is now a free action if opponent is flat footed, & always treats your weapon as a reach weapon for the attack.
> Tempo Step: mini charge is now 10 feet, and can be followed by additional 5 foot step.

> Powerful Grip: When wielding a weapon with 2 hands you cannot drop it from a Nat 1. (disarm still applies)
> Swing for the Fences: Take attack penalty to increase your threat range when using a weapon with both hands. (Penalty cannot exceed strength mod, threat range increase = penalty -2)
> Mighty Swing: Max damage hits knock back creatures your size or smaller are knocked back 5 feet/die (requires at least med weapon wielded with both hands)
> Titan Swing: As Mighty Swing but number of 5 foot increments = tier x dice, if knockback causes collisions (with objects or other characters) deal damage as if fall damage (split evenly between if 2 characters)
> Overpower: If someone tries to block/Parry/magic shield to stop your attack, you roll your damage dice and add the result to the attack. If this would negate the enemy defensive action, then the enemy has a choice: Continue with the block, but destroy the weapon/shield/barrier (dealing all your dice damage as MP burn due to the shock of the shatter on cast shields), or drop the defense last second: taking full damage plus 1d6.

Reach Fighter:
> Grip: Switch grip on reach weapon, allowing for change from melee to reach as swift action 1/round on your turn.
> Quick Grip: Now grip is an immediate action, useable 1/round.
> Lunging Strike: Treat reach weapon as having 5 foot further reach on a charge.
> Devastating Lunge: Lunging Strikes auto-trip on crits.
> Battlefield Control: always treat reach weapon as 5 foot more reach.
> Practiced Defender: AoO on a charge regardless of weapon type, no need to prepare action.
> Charge Stop: Crits or max damage on AoOpp vs charge has a chance to stop or disrupt the attack.
> Follow Through: attack through enemies to get to other enemies. Only furthest target takes full damage, any in between take 1/2.
> Hoplite: (alternative to Bashing Assault) Shield Bash knocks enemy back 5-10 feet, then you may take Free attack with reach weapon.

Dirty Fighter:
> Trick: May throw any thrown weapon as part of a full round action if in quickslot. (Quickdraw) allows for any object on person.
> Dirty Trick: (T) One thrown attack as part of a charge.
> Wake-Up: Free Attack of Opportunity when you get up from prone position with enemy adjacent. (made all the better by kip-up)
> Nasty Surprise: (T) use a thrown weapon as your AoOpp with wake-up.
> Roll with it: (T) when a hit would drop you, you may instead take 1/2 damage and move up to 10 feet as an immediate action provoking no AoOpp.
> Slide/Drop Kick: You may charge an enemy, adding the normal charge bonus and damage (1d6 / your size category as: 1d6 for small, 2d6 for medium, 3d6 for heavy) to a single might check. Success knocks target prone and back 5 feet/tier.
> Acrobatic trick: Free Thrown attack after this special “charge”

Mounted Combat
> Mounted Defense: Mount and rider share higher defense
> Mounted Archery: No pentaly for ranged attacks from moving mount
> Mounted Charge: No AC penalty after charge on mount
> Spirited Charge: Add d6 of damage on mounted charge, 2d6 on a critical.
> Ride-by-Attack: Attack at any one point along movement while mounted.

Metamagic (M) perks require Mana Burn upon use. 1d6+(2 or 3 as stated)/spell level.
Mana Burn = M1: 1d6 + 2/spell level
M2: 2d6 + 2/spell level
M3: 3d6 + 2/spell level
> Still Spell: (M1)Spell requires only very subtle motions to cast. Reduce armor penalty for casting by 2, and you do not provoke AoOpp.
> Eschew Materials: (M1) Most mundane material components can be neglected.
> Silent Spell: (M1) No verbal components are required.
> Quicken Spell: (M2) Cast a spell as a free action. still can’t exceed normal spells/round.
> Maximize Spell: (M2) maximize random values of a spell.
> Empower Spell: (M2) Increase damage by 1d6
> Heighten Spell: (M1) Add d6 to overcome defenses. This does not add to attack in usual way.
> Enlarge Spell: (M2) Double spell radius or triple its area.
> Increase Range: (M1) Double range incrememnt
> Penetrating Spell: (M1) Ignore even natural DR
> Lingering Damage: (M1) 1/2 the damage again next round
> Replace Energy: (M1) (requires Arcana) switch damage types
> Split Ray/Add target: (M1) add extra target to spell
> Enduring spells: (M2) some spells last 1d6 rounds
> Invisible Spell: (M1) spell is invisible to the eye and detect magic requires DC 10 + your skill + Mod – Tier
> Retain Spell: (M1) Get a second try with spell if it misses fails. use by next turn.
> Dual Cast: (M3) Cast 2 spells simultaneously.
> Align Spell: Spell is given a good/evil descriptor if it didn’t already have one

Non-Metamagic Magic:
> Twin Cast: add M1 metamagic for when Dual casting if dual casting 2 of the same spell.
> Overcast: deal HP burn instead of MP if you would normally run out of MP.
> Counterspell: + 3 to counters, deals M1 mental burn on failure.
> Potency: +2 on opposed caster checks.
> Necrophage: Heal 1 MP per spell kill (max 3/spell)
> Greater Necrophage: Heal 1 MP & 1 HP per spell kill (max 3/spell)
> Vorpal Caster: Nat 20 on spells add 1d6 dmg.


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