What Do You Do?
The classic roleplay question. Most likely your character is going to do what (s)he excels at.

So how do you know what you’re good at? By choosing your Perks and Skills, of course. But there’s a little more to it than that.

A character with Class: While this game system doesn’t pigeonhole you to one way of play when you select your class, it does help you decide where your character will shine in combat (and possibly all) situations. In keeping with the a’la carte methodology of the game system, there are a myriad of classes to choose from, and and each one has it’s own choices within it. In addition, you are not ever required to “advance” further in your class after creation. Instead of class focused perks you can focus elsewhere, even on abilities and bonuses from other classes. With that said, not all classes mix as well as others, and some combinations require more investment to get the most out of them, limiting your character’s versatility.

Start from an archetype. These are classic fantasy tropes visible in nearly any game/setting/novel of the genre. Then choose your style from within that Archetype.


Caster: Excels at spell casting.
Fighter: Excels at close combat.
Ranger: Excels at mobile/distanced combat.
Rogue: Excels at surprise tactics/dirty combat.

Arcane: Magically talented.
Divine: Blessed from on high.
Martial: Military training.
Primal: Natural selection.

Casters |Casters|
Fighters |Fighters|
Rangers |Rangers|
Rogues |Rogues|


+5 MP, +1 SR, +1 Ring can be worn
1/2 spells (instead of normal 1/3)
School Focus: +1 to a given spell school & -1 on mental burn in school.

Arcane Wizard:
1/1 spells
Sight: Truesight at will, but can harm you. Sense: Detect magic and practitioner +2 on intuit to sense any character with spells. Bag of Holding.
Foci: Select focus: Staff, Athame, Familiar.

Divine Cleric:
1/1 spells. Can’t act against deity or lose magic.
Channel Energy: (T) 1d6 (+1 d6/tier) AoE heal allies or dmg evil, demon, & undead as standard action.
Choose 1:
Divine Touch: All healing spells heal +1/tier.
Armor of Faith: Lt. Armor & shield prof. Don’t double armor penalty to magic in light armor & shields for deity-approved magic.

Martial: Warmage:
Focused Selection: Can’t learn spells that aren’t straightforward attacks or buffs.
Warmage Edge: Add Tier as bonus damage on all attack spells.
Combat Training: Gain light armor & shields, +1 proficiency, don’t double casting penalty in light armor.

Primal Druid:
Can’t use metal armor/weapons.
Beast Shape: (T) Take on Beast Form (lasts 1 hour, extend with 1d6 Mental burn + 2 each hour after). effects vary by beast, but retain all items/effects. Can speak as beast. Summons always last 1 extra round with no burn.
Wild Spell: Cast in animal form for 1d6+2 mental burn.
Animal companion: See Ranger Ability.


+5 HP, Light/Med Armor, +3 proficiencies
Born to Fight: +1 on all combat skills.
Willpower: (T) retry will next turn.
All Eyes on Me: (T) to make enemies focus on you, drawing fire. they can resist with a will, but even on success they take a -2 against other targets.
Armor training: Hvy armor.
Weapon Training: +1 on a combat skill & +1 prof.

Arcane: Arcannix:
Resist Magic: Gain 2x Tier as SR. Damaging spells are 1/2 effect on you. Successful spells are never permanent. Immune to Baleful spells.
Smite Caster: (T) add Cha Mod x Tier as dmg vs any spellcaster.
Can’t gain benefit from spells or magic items. Can’t use magic.
Disruptor: Spells that would affect you don’t count as enhanced by Mental Burn. Mental burn spent is wasted.
Absorber: Spells that would hit you heal you of hp = caster’s tier (+ 1/ round for durations)

Divine: Paladin
Courage: Immune to Fear
Smite Evil: (T) Add Cha Mod x Tier to attack vs Evil for one attack. Not expended on miss, add Cha mod/die of DMG on crit.
Grace: +1 to all strees Misc. column.
Aura: 1 constant minor beneficial effect to allies. 30ft radius. Know 1 aura/tier.
Blessings: Special spell school with limited options, Don’t double armor penalty for this school.

Martial: Warrior
Armor Training: +1 to AC when wearing armor, reduce armor penalties (except magic) by 3.
The Long March: No penalty for travelling in armor.
+ 2 proficiencies.
Hold the Line: with piercing weapon or polearm get AoO vs charge.
Defender: Share shield AC with adjacent ally. multiples do not stack.

Primal Barbarian:
+3 HP
Rage: You gain + 3 STR & CON, raising saves, stress, and HP accordingly, and you lose -1 Dex and -2 Int, again, affecting saves, stress, and HP/MP accordingly. Also gain +3 DR
Uncanny Dodge: (as rogue).
Trigger rage: Rage when certain conditions met ie ally is downed or you reach 1/2 max hp.
Tag Rage: (T) to rage on demand.


+3 HP +2 MP. + 1 prof. Light Armor.
Free Run.
Skirmish: 1 free attack anytime you move at least 30 feet.
Aimed Shot: +3 attack & +1 threat on a single attack as full round action.
Animal Companion: Combat capable pet obeys your commands & lends aid as it sees fit. Types vary.
Dual Strike: Attack with both weapons on a charge.
Medium Armor: Use medium armor.

Arcana Arcane Archer
Magic Arrow: A single spell effect can be added to all arrows fired until end of next turn.
Find Arrow: Your arrows bear a signature only you can detect. Use that to trace a hit target.

Divine Justicar
True Shot: FRA: Single Arrow Cannot miss unless blocked by walls/etc. No overage dmg, can’t crit.
Divine Shot: (T) and True shot CAN hit anything within bow’s range, regardless of what’s in the way. Must know targets location.
Guiding Light: (T)Targets struck by your arrows are wreathed in light & cannot hide even if they become invisible. Guiding light remains active for 1 round after arrow is removed (DC 20 heal or deal 1d6 dmg to self).

Martial: Bounty Hunter
+1 Proficiency.
Quarry: (T) gain +1 all skills ( +2 on general skills) & Saves vs chosen target until you choose another.
Favored Enemy: Choose type of enemy (vampire, ogre, dragon, etc) you always gain +1 skills & save & ignore DR, even natural.

Primal Scout
Favored Enemy: see above
Run Down: Successful Endurance to keep pace with any mundane animal/person that is faster than you.
Disengage: (T) use arrow as light weapon, successful hit pushes target back 5 feet, possibly freeing you to use your bow.
Scent: Track by scent like an animal.


+ 2 HP + 2 MP. + 1 prof. Use Light Armor.
Opportunist: Double Combat Advantage and Spin bonus.
Trap Sense: + 1
Telling blow: anytime you deal maximum weapon damage (including a crit) you may roll an additional d6 of damage (if 6, continue)
Uncanny Dodge & Evasion
Armor & Weapon training: light armor & +1 proficiency.

Arcane: Bard:
Bard Song: (T) Any spell becomes AoE at no Mental Burn cost but you can only walk about at regular speed. You may still defend normally (but half AC from a shield. To maintain indefinitely even in adverse conditions roll Perform check. Lasts for duration of combat.
Magical Knack: +1 to use magical devices.
Bardic Knowledge: add Cha Mod to Scholarship & Lore.

Divine Zealot:
Can’t act against deity or use magic/magic devices.
Veil: Pass through evil magic circles without detection/hinderance, and cannot be magically detected/targeted.
Holy Punishment: Always deal extra d6 of dmg vs evil/undead/demons
Blessed Motion: (T)Pass through magical traps/physical bonds with ease.

Martial: Swashbuckler
Strikes: Add Condition on Attack of Opportunity (AoO)
Deft Opportunist: AoO = 1 + Dex Mod / round.
Extreme Speed: AoO even if perks disallow it. Still can’t AoO when they would never be provoked. Meaning if someone has improved grapple, you still get an attack of Opportunity when they attempt a maneuver even though the feat means other characters can’t.

Primal Explorer
Experience: + 5 Trapsense
Decipher Script: No penalty for deciphering languages you don’t recognize
Codebreaker: No Penalty when script is encoded
Light Step: Ignore pressure plates & avoid rune traps if noticed with Trapsense.

Don’t see anything you like? Try our
Unconventional Classes (with GM approval, of course)

or talk to your DM about mixing and matching.


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