The Valkyries are the Vanir equivalent to the Paladins of Alidor. They are holy warriors that uphold the laws and teachings of their revered deity, and they do it with gusto. Valkyries defend the weak, stand up to the strong, and defend their ancestral homeland.

For unknown reasons, the Valfather generally only blesses Vanir women to be Valkyries. Very rarely a Vanir man will recieve the gifts (and be dubbed a Valkar), and never has a non Vanir heard the Call.

Valk (genderless plural) have no headquarters of any kind and just seem to go where they are needed, often finding themselves in battles that seem lost causes. Valk believe that the best way to prove their faith is to die in glorious battle, where they will be met by True Valkyries (the first daughters of the Valfather) and taken to his home in Valhalla that they may live and hunt and sing forever and ever.

Called Valk sometimes exhibit supernatural, god given abilties that can include any or all of the following:

An uncanny ability to find themselves where they are needed most.
Dauntless courage
Increased lifespan
Wisdom beyond their experience
Ability to shrug off or recover from some normally lethal wounds
Ability to communicate with wolves and ravens.
Increased physical prowess


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