The Holy Orders of Alidor make their home in Turin, the southernmost region of Arenia, named for the Turin Sea on its southern coast. Originally founded by King Solomon in the dawn of the 3rd age, the Orders represent the teachings of Alidor; honor, good will, and courage. The leaders of the Orders, the Twelve Peers of Solomon, are men chosen for their faith, and adherents to the word of Alidor.

Originally based at Golgothir, the site of Alidor’s Fall, in Solomon’s Temple. Eventually they expanded to the great cast White Dusk in Turin, now their chief headquarters after the Orcs took Solomon’s Temple in the War of Golgothir some 20 years ago.

Agenda and World Presence

Paladins have always had a strong world presence. Though based in Arenia (and predominantly Arenian in membership0, they have forts in nearly every country in the known world, and boast members of all cultures and races. They are permitted to permeate borders this way because they have no interest in domination or border expansion. Instead they act as an international police force, providing aid where it is needed, without payment of any kind.

Unlike many religions, the Tenants of the Light don’t require its adherants to disdain other cultures and religions, and so the Paladins do not attempt forceful conversions, nor do they refuse help to those with differing beliefs. Instead of preaching, they make themselves living examples of the best facets of humanity, and hope that others are inspired to join them.

Paladins root out evil wherever it arises. Ever ready to bring mortal tryants, murderers, and criminals to justice, they truly specialize in exorcising demons, destroying undead, and slaying all manner of vile creature. But their most hated enemies are dark wizards, Shadowmancers. This animosity is an old one that results from the actions of dark wizards that led to Alidor’s defeat and death.

List of Orders

Present Orders:
Order of the Setting Sun: The most militant faction, eager to battle the world’s evils.
Order of the Rising Sun: The largest faction, focused on leading by example & inspiring others.
Light-Bearers: The Clerical faction, focuses on study and philosophy, and often works most closely with the church in a day-to-day capacity.

Past Orders:
The Knights of the Temple: The Templars dutifully guarded Golgothir and its most important sites, especially Solomon’s Temple
Dawn-Bringers: The first order, in Alidor’s time they spread the word of his goodness, and in the days following fought false-prophets and heresy.
Order of the Shrouded Torch: Little is known, only very rare and contradicting accounts exist.

Exhibited Abilities

Some small percentage of the most faithful and righteous Paladins are seemingly gifted with one or more special powers, and one cannot become a Peer unless you exhibit one of these “Blessings”

Extended lifespan
Immunity to nautural illness
Dauntless courage
Ability to wield light
Ability to heal wounds and cure ailments by touch
Uncanny ability to walk away unscathed from lethal situations, as if protected by unseen forces.


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