Green Wardens

The Wood Elves seek to correct the mistakes of their cousins, the Atlanteans and High Elves. To do so, they have founded the Green Wardens, a pilgrim organization of sorts.

The Green Wardens are elves that travel the world and replant vegetation, cure crops, cleanse wells, and work with governments to make sure that constructions don’t cause natural disasters. They try to ensure that animals aren’t hunted to extinction, and they hunt creatures that are unnatural to the world.

Each group of Green Wardens has a Tear of the Lady. A potent magical item that is said can, with proper use, restore most any natural thing to how the Lady wants it to be. Unfortunately, this is most often not done in a timely manner, instead, like most of the natural works of the world, the Tears restorative magics can take centuries, even millenia to bear fruit. That combined with their mysterious operation makes them of little value to anyone that isn’t a Green Warden.

The Wardens have worked since the Great Cataclysm to undo what their kin have done, and will likely be at their work for some time still.

Green Wardens

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