There are numerous faiths and miscellaneous deities for your character to adhere with and revere. This is a brief and incomplete list.

The Creator:
Omnipotent being of life and creation. Credited with the shaping of all things within and around the world. Devotees believe in Aurus, the benevolent Father of the world. His symbol is a golden circle, with 9 silver radials from the center to the edge. These 9 radials represent the 9 pillars. Exactly what the pillars are is up for debate and can vary by region. Worship of the creator is near universal, though his pillars vary to reflect the cultures of different places, and even his lore intermingles with the lesser deities of different peoples and nations.

The Destroyer:
Twin of Aurus, Khursa is the Un-Maker. When things gave run there course, when last stands have failed, one asks of Khursa only that he be swift in his work. Khursa’s symbol is a simple black X, sometimes with a red line splitting it vertically. Few directly worship Khursa, but among all followers of Aurus he is revered and respected.

The Balance:
Sister of the great brothers. Mairan also matches their power and balances it. She is their sister and their wife. She mitigates compromise between the two, ensuring that neither brother could obtain a foothold against the other, and her word is absolute. Worship of the Balance is not common, though is accepted anywhere. The reason it is rare is how difficult it is to follow the tenets and avoid extremes in emotion, and in good and evil. The Balance is represented by a broken horizontal line over a complete horizontal line over a V shaped so that its ends nearly meet with the lines of the non broken line.

Worshiped by mortals of darkness and despair to seek power, sometimes for conquest, sometimes for revenge. As it is said “Before the light of creation and all things, there was only darkness, and when the last light blinks out, only darkness will remain. As was the beginning, so shall be the end.” Followers of the Shadow believe that there is no afterlife, or before life. Only this life. Make it a good one, make it a foul one, but make it yours. Open worship of the shadow is forbidden in most parts of the world. Its symbol is a black line, spiralling haltingly from a center point out in 3 concentric circles until abruptly pulling straight down.

The Huntsman/The Valfather:
Patron God of the Vanir, they believe he is parton of all mankind and is said to be wisest of all gods. He takes many forms, including an old man whose daughters were the first Valkyries, and so he is sometimes called Valfather. His domains are song, war, poetry, storms, and wisdom. His symbol is three overlapping and entwined triangles.

The Light:
The Champion of Righteousness, Alidor came to the world when it was in darkness, and gave man light, learning, and raised him up from the muck. Nearly as widespread as the worship of Aurus, the Light of Alidor shines over the entire world. At its core a sun god (and represented by a Sun, with different factions having the sun in different positions), Alidor teaches of righteous war, selfless sacrifice, and helping the weak. Most noteworthy are the Paladins of his many orders, The Rising Sun, the Setting Sun, The Torchbearers, and the 12 Peers.

The Lady Above:
She represents the wild world, from green valleys to frozen mountaintops to crystal seas. Predominantly worshipped by Wood Elves of the Vale, the lady is all things in nature that are nurturing and clean, she is warm rain, and the cool breeze. She is represented by vertical line from which a 3 pronged antler protrudes on each side, rising from the center point at a slight angle, and sometimes curved. Worship of the Lady Above is about harmony with nature, and doing no unnecessary harm.

The Lady Below: The Matron of vengeance, accidental deaths, and oaths (especially oaths broken) the Lady Below is a fickle goddess, she offers no boons, and expects no tribute. She is the darker side of nature, the biting sleet, the loose stones on the edge of a steep mountain, the unforgiving desert sunlight, the predator at the edge of the tree line or just below the calm surface of the water. Followers of the Lady above often revere the lady below, and even those that don’t are alert for her signs. She is represented by a vertical line, split by a horizontal curved line with the ends pointing downward.

Ancestral Spirit: The many powerful spirits of nature, great predators, patient beasts, and graceful birds. The spirits impart their strength on their servants, who seek harmony with their animal “kin” The ancestral spirit is represented by 4 parallel lines pulled diagonally down and left from their starting point, typically in red or gold. Followers of the Kin seek to make themselves worthy by good works and brave deeds, or anything befitting their favored animal kin.

The Bound: The worship of fiends from the plane of the Three Hells. These demons come in many forms, and their blessings are myriad. But beware… their generosity is a ruse, and many have succumbed to the consequences of their pacts. The bound are represented by 2 interlocked circles, typically in gold or black. Those who the bound have called to, and who have fulfilled their wishes, are said to be granted terrible power.

The Hand of Death: Worship of the Reaper of Men, the Shepherd of Souls, the Voidguide. Whatever you call him, he is Death. And he comes for us all. Represented by a stylized skull that looks vaguely like a white hand on a black background. Followers of Death are not as frightful as they sound. They prepare the dead for the death rites of their region and culture. The services of the Hand of Death are valuable as many culteres and religions abhore handling the dead, but it is a task that must be done. Followers of this faith recognize the inevitablity and permanence of the end of life, and are said to stand against those who perverse the natural order such as necromancers and undead.

Dur’Hok: Mad Warrior God. Orcs credit him as the provider of their strength, believing all their hardships are his efforts to forge them as a blacksmith hammers at steel in a hot forge. And all their glory and achievements are a testament to his success. He has no representative mark, save the battle scars on his people. He rewards strenght and victory with more hardship, and it is said that any orc who dies of old age or in unworthy battle (against the weak or gentle) has lost the favor of their violent lord and will spend their afterlife buried alive, unable to join the battles and celebrations of their worthy brothers and sisters.

The Golden Dragon: Believed by his worshipers to be the first dragon, Shen the Golden sired their people, and imbued within them his wisdom, his grace, and civilization as we know it. Then he disappeared into the stars, there the faithful watch for his return. Both the Haan and Iokan Emperors are said to be decended of his two children, Haan and Ioko, rivals all their lives. Worship of the golden Dragon is simple, adhere to duty, and do all things at your very best. The golden dragon is represented by a 5 toed claw in Haan, and a 3 toed claw in Ioko. Some also use a four toed claw, but that is rare.

The Artist:
The first mortal to to use her hands to craft and the first to sing, Norathar ascended into the Ether, and became as a god. From here she puts her inspiration, a few drops at a time, into mortals so that they to can create objects of wonder and beauty. Crafters and artists of all kinds revere Norathar, Es[ecially Haan, and Vanir, but few more than the Dwarves. Rarely seen as a major deity, the Artist is nonetheless widespread and generally favored through the world. She has no standard symbol, but any small craft can serve as a token to her, and every song is a prayer. The greatest artists are said to join her in the ether, that they may deliver her inspiration upon other mortals.

The Old Ones:
Nameless horrors that are said to have once ruled much of the world, they are the chief deities of the Rahabim, who claim these so-called Stygians wait still at the edge of our reality for a chance to re-emerge. They are held at bay solely by the power of the Rahabim GodKing, who works tirelessly to protect his people and the world. As long as the GodKing reigns, the power of the Stygians may be called upon and bent to the will of the devout. But over-use can strain the GodKing, so such power must be used sparingly. The Great Old Ones are myriad, and each has its own twisted symbol, the drawing of any symbol is a heresy worthy of punishment by death, for even these symbols possess terrible power to corrupt.


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