There are numerous faiths and miscellaneous deities for your character to adhere and revere. This is a brief and incomplete list.

The Creator:
Omnipotent being of life and creation. Credited with the shaping of all things within and around the world. Devotees believe in Aurus, the benevolent Father of the world.

The Destroyer:
Twin of Aurus, Khursa is the Un-Maker. When things gave run there course, when last stands have failed, one asks of Khursa only that he be swift in his work.

The Balance:
Sister of the great brothers. Mairan also matches their power and balances it. She is their sister and their wife. She mitigates cpromise between the two, ensuring that neither brother could obtain a foothold against the other.

Worshiped by men of darkness and despair to find forms of great power and death. As it is said “Before the light of creation and all things, there was only darkness, and when the last light blinks out, only darkness will remain. As was the beginning, so shall be the end.”

The Huntsman:
Patron God of the Vanir, they believe he is father of all mankind and is said to be wisest of all gods. He takes many forms, including an old man whose daughters were the first Valkyries, and so he is sometimes called Half father.

The Light:
The Champion of Righteousness, Alidor came to the world when it was in darkness, and gave man light, learning, and raised him up from the muck.

The Lady Above:
She represents the wild world, from green valleys to frozen mountaintops to crystal seas. Predominantly worshipped by Wood Elves of the Vale, the lady is all things in nature, nurturing and clean, but also cruel when need be.

The Lady Below: The Matron of vengeance, murder, and oaths (especially oaths broken) the Lady Below is a fickle goddess, as apt to help her followers as ruin them. She is as unpredictable and tumultuous as the seas she rules in.

Ancestral Spirit: The many powerful spirits of nature, great predators, patient beasts, and graceful birds. The spirits impart their strength on their servants, who seek harmony with their animal “kin”.

The Bound: The worship of fiends from the plane of the Three Hells. These demons come in many forms, and their blessings are myriad. But beware… their generosity is a ruse, and many have succumbed to the consequences of their pacts.

The Hand of Death: Worship of the Reaper of Men, the Shepherd of Souls, the Voidguide. Whatever you call him, he is Death. And he comes for us all.

Dur’Hok: Mad Warrior God. Orcs credit him as the provider of their strength, believing all their hardships are his efforts to forge them as a blacksmith hammers at steel. And all their glory and achievements are a testament to his success.

The Golden Dragon: Believed by his worshipers to be the first dragon, Haan the Golden sired their people, and imbued within them his wisdom, his grace, and civilization as we know it. Then he disappeared into the stars, there the faithful watch for his return.

The Artist:
The first mortal to to use his hands to craft, Norathar ascended into the Ether, and became as a god. From here he puts his inspiration, a few drops at a time, into mortals so that they to can create objects of wonder and beauty. Crafters and artists of all kinds revere Norathar, but few more than the Dwarves.

The Old Ones:
Nameless horrors that are said to have once ruled much of the world, they are the chief deities of the Rahabim, who claim these so-called Stygians wait still at the edge of our reality for a chance to re-emerge. They are held at bay solely by the power of the Rahabim GodKing.

[Upon creation the player has an option to choose a god for passive and taggable perks/aspects to aid them on their journey. Here is a list of possible choices for each god]

The Light: Passive: +1 to all incoming and outgoing light based healing abilities. Taggable: Add 1d6 to any incoming or outgoing light based healing. This does stack with the passive.

Shadow: Passive: +1 to every skill while in pitch darkness (Darkness as per the spell or the Forsaker ability Blacklight). Taggable: Reroll any d20 roll while in darkness (Darkness as per the spell or the Forsaker ability Blacklight)

Dur’Hok: Passive: +1 damage when fighting beside an ally. Taggable: If an ally is struck you take an Attack of Oppertunity as an immediate action.

The Bound: Passive: (SEE CHART) Taggable: Can tag a lore check and give party morale bonus vs Demons
[Passive Bound Chart]
Lust: +1 vs opposite sex (Lady-Killer/Man-Eater)
Wrath: +1 bonus vs all social checks (Thick Headed)
Greed: +1 bonus on/vs all ‘trade’ checks (Money, its a hit)
Envy: +1 to all social skills (Forked tongue)
Sloth: Restful sleep can heal any condition (Rest for the wicked)
Glutony: Alchohol acts as 1d6 healing potion (For medical purposes)
Pride: When mirroring an action of another PC or NPC you gain a +2 to when copying it. (Anything you can do I can do better)

Ansestral Spirit: Passive: (Wild Sense) +1 Alertness, Survival, Endurance, and Animals. Taggable: (SEE CHART)
[Taggabe Ansestral Spirit Chart]
Air (bird): slowfall & lowlight vision for 3 rounds (15 seconds)/tier.
Ground: (Pounce) Combat Maneuver as a free action.
Underground: Natural 20 on next search for hidden passage or treasure.
Water: Waterbreathing. Number of minutes = 1 + (Con Mod x Tier) minimum 1 minute.
Trees: Transfer 1/2 fall damage to target when they are landed upon when falling from any height.

Valfather: Passive: +1 to beneficial incoming and outgoing morale effects/ Taggable: Reroll an intuition check at a +2.

Golden Dragon: Passive: Bonuses to tracking or direction when they can see the stars. Also can make a check to gain guidance from their god. Taggable: Can not be made to act outside their core beliefs. This ability can not be countered.

Old Ones: Passive: + 1 SR (+2 mental) vs abberations. Taggable: (blood sacrifice) 1d6 direct physical damage to self add double result to any check. This damage can not be reduced by damage reduction

The Artist: Passive: +2 to all craft related checks. Taggable: Something from nothing: Enter a trance of Inspiration and craft something without proper tools/materials and in record time.

Hand of Death: Passive: killing a living sentient creature yields momentary SR & DR = Tier. Lasts till start of your next turn. Taggable: Deathwatch: Can see exactly how many HP another creature/character has & know its conditions.

The Lady Above: Passive: Cannot be attacked by animals or plants unless you provoke it. Intelligent/Controlled Animals or plants must pass mental save to attack. Taggable: Any animal or plant will do your bidding for one round.

The Lady Below: Passive: +1 social vs someone who has wronged you. +1 passive empathy. Taggable: Ignore all DR on a crit.

The Creator: Passive: All Aid Another checks are at a +4 instead of a +2. Taggable: +10 aid another

The Balance: Passive: No mental exhaustion for 0 MP (casters still can’t cast), and no 1/2 actions for being at 0 HP. Taggable: Split current HP and MP evenly as immediate action.

The Destroyer: Passive: +2 when attempting to break or destroy any object. Taggable: Destroy target mundane object and +10 vs magical objects. (subject to DM if at higher ‘levels’ mundane becomes mundane magic item and so on)


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