Noteworthy Artifacts

The Black Blade: a sword of darkness and dread.

Heart Stone: a small red crystal that grants true immortality.

Fredlin, the Lost Fenarian Sword: an ancient wizard accidentally turned himself into a sword. He is said to “join up” with adventurers who find him. He is loyal, comes when called no matter the distance, and has powerful magic at his disposal.

The King in Yellow: a cursed book, said to drive those who read it insane. Believed related to The Old Ones.

Alidor’s Arms: the hammer and armor of the fallen god. Completing the set is said to bestow the owner with great power.

The Ingot of Greed: a gold ingot that slowly kills whomever owns it.

Pauper’s Bag of Riches: seemingly a coin purse that can hold an inordinate amount of gold/other coin. In reality it is a portal to a great treasure room, and the portal only works when the treasure room’s master desires. Often leading the bag’s owner to store obscene wealth within the bag, yet not be able to claim it back.

Mistwalker’s Wrap: a cloak of nearly sheer material. It renders the wearer completely invisible & undetectable even by true sight. It was said destroyed during the Thousand Day’s War.

Coin of Luck: the wielder gains 5 to all d20 rolls after gaining the coin of luck. However, luck is fleeting. After an unknown number of rolls, the luck begins to drop at a rate of -1/ d20 roll. The penalty can reach as low as -10. If the coin of luck is lost/dropped, the -/ resets to +5 for its next bearer. If it is given as a donation/alms, the giver gains a permanent +1 to all saving throws.

Hungering Mar’Thigg: a strange mask that drives the wearer into a murderous rage. After sufficient sacrifices, the mask is cast off to find a new host.

Staff of Time: gives the wielder a power over the passage of time, but at a dangerous price.

Amulet of Bobbert the Cross
Pendant makes the wearer and anyone nearby very moody & uncooperative, and bestows terrible luck to those closest (except the wearer).

Urn of Syl: an urn containing the ashes of a great hero from the first age. Eating ash from the urn is said to kill or empower, based on Syl’s (often capricious, according to legend) judgement.

Man-flesh Armor: leather armor crafted from murdered men’s flesh. Its wearer gains many resistances, and other, more dubious effects/benefits.

Hand of Mutual Destruction: a single black glove with strange symbols on the reverse palm. If the wearer knows the word of power he can ensure the total destruction of whoever he wishes, but suffers the same fate himself. Only two exist.

Karylleckkruscolnikkur’s Horn: a great dragon horn that when blown is said to summon aid to the user in the most perfect form.

Helm of Phineas the Greatly Concerned: helmet allows the wearer perfect 360 degree vision from any known place in the world. No audio.

Boots of Sir Thomad’s Retreat: go to any known location with as little as a single step.

The Rod of Chaos: point at something you want to be very different. Hope its the kind of different you wanted.

Noteworthy Artifacts

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