Arenia – Ruler: King Minos ( See Arenian )
Arenia considers itself the civilized center of the world, a true melting pot of culture.

Legendary sunken city, said to be a myth.

Carpathia – Ruler: None.
Currently the Throne of Carpathia is overseen by a Steward, Lord Matthias from Arenia. Arenian forces stepped in to keep peace after the old King was slain by his people in a revolt, on charges of “witchcraft and lycanthropy”. The mountains make it remote, and as such myth and legends prevail over science and news. Its southernmost region, Turin, is home to the Paladins of Alidor.

Keiv – Mordrid A’Kiev
A vast, frigid country with a history of war, Kiev is not known for its thriving tourism, but for the hardy people who call it home.

Babylon – Ruler: King Zavier Jahanti
Home of the Tower of Babil; a ziggurat built to reach the heavens. Every time a new ruler is crowned, a floor is added to house him, with the citizenry filling in the old king’s floor. Babylon is a rich country full of trade, and the first to use airships.

Rahab – Ruler: God-King Hementep Omharing
Rahab and the Rahabim are a relic of the ancient world. Though Haan and Babylon are older, Rahab has secluded itself and remained as though stuck in time. A wealthy country due to Large deposits of precious metals, Rahab is one of the last Human lands to still allow slavery.

Vale – Ruler: No Known Ruler
The island of the Fae, no known ruler. All live off the land and are scattered in small tribes. One Giant Forest

Golgothir & The Black Coast – Ruler: Kieron Redking
Once holy city now controlled by the Orcs. Was claimed after a lengthy war over the black coast where the Paladins were pushed back by Orcish Pirates. Now Golgothir is the Capital of the Black Coast, the huge swath of land taken by Kieron on his March to the Holy City. Since the end of the War, Kieron has been civil enough to allow Paladins to guard the City’s ancient temples again.

Dar-Kuzad – Ruler: N/A
Unknown world, said to be held by the Dwarvish people. News and dwarvish people are so scarce that few facts escape the ancient kingdom.

Haan Ruler: Emperor Tou
Haan and its people are steeped in tradition and their civilization predates all but the Babylonians.

Ioko Ruler: Emperor Murashima Tenshi
Consisting of several islands, and many warring counties, Ioko is a strange place indeed to most outsiders. Its citizens are reserved, its soldiers are fierce, its art is beutiful, and its culture is mysterious.

Kaa Ruler: King Oromand the Patient
Parts lush green jungle, parts barren wasteland. Wide-open sun bleached plains and daunting, frozen mountains. Kaa is a place of extremes. And the Kaa people are no exception, living tribal, sometimes nomadic lives of near constant struggle.

Ellissar Ruler: Queen Ioana
Home of Half-Elves, Ellissar is a place of beauty. A last Bastion of the Old Ways of the Fae.

Mircea Ruler: Unknown
Island of ill refute. Haunted land said to be the home of an ancient cult of sorcerors.

Dross Ruler: Merchant Prince Thoronor Hoardpurse
People of Dwarvish decent and the only people who the dwarves deal with. Dross is an old Ally of the Vanir, and deal with few others besides Dwarves.

Dark Mythical island surrounded by an impenetrable wall. Thule and its mystifying defensive structure date back to before the Atlanteans. None now the secrets lie behind the wall.

Njordir Leader: “Bearclaw” Hroulf, the Poet King.
Home of the Vanir. Intrepid sailors and fearless warriors. Most maps are Vanir in origin, as is the best ale. Most cities are coastal ports, with a few strongholds deep in the mountains. Vanir are ruled by the strong and the wise in equal measure. Njordir is a land of monsters, heroes, song, and mead.

The Green Reaches Leader: Ophidius Gor’Byakk the Lizard King.
Primordial jungle, said to house relic races and creatures, and ruins of a country as old as Atlantis or older. Its forests grow so quickly that teleportation is impossible, and travel can only be accomplished on foot. Not that it matters, as only Elves are permitted safe passage.


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