Fledgling Kaa on a quest to broaden his horizons before returning home to lead his people.


Male 15
Kaa (human)


Fortitude ####\

Dodge #####\####

Mental #####\###

Social #####\###

Ability Scores:

Str 0
Dex 2
Con -1
Int 1
Wis 0
Cha 2


3 Alterness (.5 add dodge)
2 Animals
3 Athletics (.5 add dodge)
2 Conviction (.5 add mental)
2 Discipline (.5 add mental)
1 Empathy (.5 to social)
1 Endurance
2 Lore
1 Might (.5 to fort)
1 Performance
3 Presence (.5 to social)
0 Ride
3 Scholarship
3 Stealth
3 Survival
7 Nature Magic
0 Fists
2 Melee (light)
4 Melee (medium)
2 Ranged
2 Thrown

Aspect ideas:

“Respect the Wild” (Kaa Origin) – Recieve a bonus to survival or nature related checks. (EX: Hide from pursuers, find food/shelter, calm an annoyed uberphant.) As a Kaa native Melo knows that nature is both a loving mother and an unforgiving beast. A proper respect goes a long way in what can too often be a very short life.

“Eagles Fly Highest” (Kaa Culture) – Helps to perform some courageous, honorable action, or stand morally high ground. Son of a proud warrior/poet chieftain, Melo has always been taught to walk bravely, defend the weak, and fly right.

“Trees Listen, Winds Forget” (Kaa teachings) – Kaa elder lesson that you learn more by being silent and still than talkative and active. While Melo is young and often restless, anytime he can focus on a task, a lesson, or something that is better learned by study he will retain all information perfectly.

“How Many Horizons” (Catalyst) – Wise chieftains forge in their sons the necessity of a larger view and an open mind. Melo has taken this to mean he must visit the other lands and learn their customs to become a great leader of Kaa one day. Always interested in new people and places he finds himself driven to the next place and the next face. While he can find himself welcomed anywhere if even just as a novelty, he must move on or find himself saddened by his lack of progress.

“The Sun Brings More than Warmth” (Personality) – Melo is a cheery, optimistic, good natured young man and his presense and force or personality warms, comforts, inspires, and generally instills a healthy feeling in those around him. Just like the sun.

“I am the Couatl” (Morality) – Benevolent and Courageous to a fault Melo cannot help but exemplify the legendary beast his tribe takes as totem.

“Young Learning Bird” (Archtype) – Melo is a insatiable learner, driven by his quest, fueled by his youth. He cannot pass up the opportunity to learn something new, see something he hasn’t seen, meet someone he hasn’t met. He has the ability to learn anytime, but often not the ability to realize when he shouldn’t.

“First Move is the Best Move” (Training) – Melo’s first breath was so great it’s said to have awaken and instilled the power of the totems. When performing any action for the first time the result is boosted generously if not guaranteed success. Repetitive actions or mundane tasks cannot benefit from this bonus more than once a day.

“You Are Boundless” (Knack) – Melo has always had a gift to mimic others and do what they do. Any action witnessed, explained, or told to Melo can be used again to perfect (or very near) effect. The only thing holding back Melo is himself and his limited knowlege of his youth.

“I’ve not failed, I’ve found a way it doesn’t work” – Melo does accept defeat or failure and can often swiftly learn from his mistakes and retry a failed action.

Nature Spells

Healing Touch – Melo takes a healthy plant seed of a fruit bearing plant and consumes it’s life potential energizing his touch with healing energy.

Senses of the Beast – Melo takes his ceremonial headdress and pulls it closed around his or another’s head. After a brief ritual the headdress is lifted and the wearer is temporarily gifted with the senses of great beasts. Low-light vision, scent, amazing hearing, a precise sense of taste, and amplified tactile receptors.

Tree Step – Melo communes with natures and seeks it’s help with travel and security. He then may be gifted with the ability to step between distances through nearby trees. For each measure of success he may move an amount of distance so long as he enters and exits out a tree large enough to hold his core dimensions. This ability lasts an hour or until the distance is used.


Quo’Melo the Learning Eyas (fledling bird of prey)

I want my character to excell at mimicing others, learning about the magical and physical world beyond Kaa, and spreading his people’s outlook and culture. Melo is a special child of 15 with a sunny disposition, a trusting and strong heart, a keen mind, and a seemingly supernatural knack at picking up things on the fly through observation. He would be an optimal companion to any group, and a character that could really use the fate system to move game along. And with his personality, history, and allure of being a wild child-man from a mystical and feared region he could add some spice to your campaign.


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