Nurina Graylock

Mace weilding daughter of an Arenian miner and craftsman, highly respected in the North.


*Nurina Graylock – Arenian – 25yrs old – Long dark braided hair – 5’8’’
*Tomboy attitude – Favors the flail but loves all 1H weapons – Neutral Good
*Left home to see the bigger world and work as a sell-sword/body-guard


Nurina’s family is from Disden in northern Arenia. Her father has worked
as a successful craftsman for the mine operators for decades, buying their
family favor and standing through the years. His only secret? A hidden
love for the dwarvish faith and the benefits the worship of their paragons
has brought his family, even going as far as to name his only daughter in
their tongue and pass along their traditions. As a young girl, Nurina was
often seen besting the boys at swordplay and all manner of combat. Quickly
realizing his little princess had recieved a different type of blessing
from the gods, he facilitated her path to become a warrior.

Nurina Graylock

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