A mysterious child often seen leaving the orphanage late at night, notices a newcomer and begins to follow him around town...



  • “Afraid of Heights”
  • “Survivalist”
  • “Street Smart”
  • “There’s No Place Like Home”
  • “Couthie”
  • “Eye on the Prize”
  • “Dynamite Comes in Small Packages”
  • “Tech Support”
  • “Biiiiiiig Bada-Boom”
  • “Puppy Dog Eyes”


—“Wine. Song. Food. Fire. Closed shelter, and seed. No more need for the old empire. The Indigo Children come.” -Reverend, Dar-Kauzad

Ruthie’s Lullaby:

Dragon tales and the water is wide
Pirates sail and spirits fly
Fish bite moonbeams every night
And I, love you

My little one you’re all tuckered out
Wrapped in furs and the fire’s died down
Goodnight moon, shining down on the house
Cause I, love you

My love will fly, to you each night
On angels wings’
Sweet dreams

Gods bless mommy and her open arms
Gods bless daddy and thanks for the stars
Gods hear our prayers wherever we are
And I, love you

  • LONG PAST – Ench’s past is mysterious. She escaped the destruction of Atlantis by unknown means, and woke up with a backpack containing a few days essentials, a large purple stone covered in ancient symbols, and an overwhelming feeling of loss and regret. She has no clear memory of her city or her people…until she dreams. Ench. That wasn’t the name her mother had given her. Who had called her that before the disaster?
  • SINCE THEN – This question would eat away at her year after year as she traveled from orphanage to orphanage, depressed and alone, relying on the kindness of strangers and the stupidity of drunks to survive. Always with a sense of urgency to keep moving. Toward what? Her destiny? Hadn’t that already been determined? They had failed (at what?!). Through rumors and stories, she struggled to explain what had brought her here, collecting any pieces of her past that she could along the way. During these years she picked up skills of all kinds. A widow named Ruthie in Ellissar adopted her and taught her to make poultices and poisons. After she passed away, Ench inherited and eventually sold the business and moved on. People start to get suspicious when you don’t age. Generations later a one-eyed ranger known only as Reverend had found her scared and starving in Dar-Kauzad. She was chasing a rumor of a piece to the past. They were almost always just rumors. She stayed with the man for many years, never revealing her secrets, as he taught her to live off the land. And then he died too. She held his hand as he took his last breath, clutching the stupid purple stone in her other hand, watching it glow vibrantly as it often did when she was upset or anxious. Everyone died. Except her…
  • NOW – Arenia is nice enough this time of year. After paying the Matron handsomely to ask no questions, Ench took her bag to the attic, and set about securing the traps to protect the only thing that has mattered to her since before she lost…what? No time to think like that right now. It is a full moon, she is low on coin, and the tavern is full to bursting. Safety first. Now time to work her magic. Making her way out into the street she can smell the stink from a block away. The man with the cane…standing by the door. Where had she seen him before? And why was he just standing there? Why hadn’t she noticed him until now? Noted. Don’t mess with that one. That’s the last thing she thought as she snuck through the door, the smell of pipe weed and booze, and the raucous laughter of the guardsmen nearly knocking her over. “Easy pickins’”, Reverend would have said.


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