• Ench


    A mysterious child often seen leaving the orphanage late at night, notices a newcomer and begins to follow him around town...
  • Lord Jeremiah Coldren III

    Lord Jeremiah Coldren III

    A young noblemen, back from a long absence and thought to be dead
  • Nurina Graylock

    Nurina Graylock

    Mace weilding daughter of an Arenian miner and craftsman, highly respected in the North.
  • Quo'Melo


    Fledgling Kaa on a quest to broaden his horizons before returning home to lead his people.
  • Arden Voltaire

    Arden Voltaire

    Great Eye of the Inquisitors. Master detective. Got position by proving his predecessor was crooked. Highly respected even by the criminals who fear him, Arden's keen instincts and attention to detail are world renowned.
  • Kieron Redking

    Kieron Redking

    The Red King of Golgothir and the Orcish Nations.
  • King Minos

    King Minos

    King of the 6 Realms of Arenia
  • Mordrid A'Kiev

    Mordrid A'Kiev

    Ruler of Kiev. Friend of Orthos. Graduate of the Scholomance.
  • Orthos Symphon

    Orthos Symphon

    The Cleric of the Raven
  • Prestor Roland

    Prestor Roland

    Lord Prestor of the Church of the Holy Light of Alidor and First Peer of Solomon
  • Sablier LuGrosse

    Sablier LuGrosse

    One of the Solomonari. Advisor of kings. Sablier is a potent and subtle wizard, the leader of his order.
  • Tiev Navinghime

    Tiev Navinghime

    Only male heir of Navinghime line. Kievic nobleman.
  • Tommy The Cat

    Tommy The Cat

    Paladin of the Knights of the Order of the Setting Sun