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The Heroes of Devonshire

In the 9th day of Farthing, in the 1563rd year of Men, the small city of Devonshire was destroyed overnight. In a storm of stone and fire, in a blink, the city was no more.

A natural disaster? Perhaps. The few dozen survivors (all children at the time) tell wildly different stories. Stories of an invading army, or a serial killer, or a madness that gripped the citizenry. Still others tell of strange creatures in dark alleys, and colossal monstrosity in the town square.

The only common string in these stories are the 6 men who helped the children over the city wall and guarded their escape.

Sir Hector, Captain of the Watch, who died first early in the night after warning the Governor of impending doom. The Governor himself, Thaddeus Ferro, who kept calm in the face of calamity. Luddick “Dead Eye” Obrim, master archer of the Watch. Wilt of Mirkwood, boon companion of Sir Hector, Kallen Lighthammer, the city priest, and Nephitem Ophidium, Rahabim Wizard and veteran of the Thousand Days War.

Adventure Notes
After a supposed serial killer is revealed to be separate acts, a group of heroes begins to investigate. What they discover is a strange story of a cursed book and a fringe cult. The old Rahabim wizard seems to know more, but isn’t telling.

Everything culminates in a battle for the city, with our heroes, while undoubtedly powerful, severely outnumbered. In the end, they get the children out of the city before Nephitep rains down meteors in a last ditch effort to stop the spread of madness that the cursed book had placed on the citizenry.


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